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Technology and Efficiency

State-of-the-art engineering and sophisticated pipework systems minimize the oxygen pick up and the solid content in the lauterwort. Optimal yields and cost effective function are a matter of course for our plants.

Energy-saving wort boiling system

Our energy-saving wort boiling system BrauKon SmartBoil allows lowest evaporation rates combined with optimal protein protection and reduced cleaning costs. Modern lauter technology with a self optimizing control system guarantees efficient extract production with the lowest solids content. Innovative brewing equipment in addition with well elaborated pipe work as well as frequency controls on all our pumps and drives minimize the Oxygen absorption and ensure short occupation times. By saving of primary energy and the use of heat recovery systems you achieve an optimal and cost effective function.

Complete Breweries - Turn Key

In line with your personal needs, BrauKon can supply complete brewery systems incorporating state of the art energy and cost saving design. Technical perfection in design and operation of our systems are your greatest assurance for the quality of your beer.High Priority Optimal Working Process.

Units ready to Operate on Stainless Steel Frame

Compact, easy to connect and thus time and money saving. Our compact framework building method convinces by its fast installation and quality.
If the brewery size and the building permit it, we deliver the units completely premounted on stainless steel frames. The installation is carried out ready-to-use complete with piping and electrical wiring with passed test run before delivery. Thanks to this compact frame construction system, times for installation and getting into operation are minimized. The timing and the financial aspect are a major advantage for you. Short installation and commissioning times are guaranteed by our qualified experts. Fast, uncomplicated and reliable.

Control System

The long-term economy of our plants is also the ambition in the selection of the Automation System. The user-friendliness and reliability of the BrauKon BrauControl are the keys for a high-quality end product. The open control system, based on the future-orientated Soft-SPS with standardized Siemens components, permits an independent system maintenance and extension. For individual process systems we recommend the version BrauKon TControl with up to 15 recipes.

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